Pochteca Tequila Liqueur Mango 375ml 10% off (SOLD OUT)

At sight – This liqueur has a consistent hue of the fruit mango. Excellent clarity, transparent and glossy. Good body for a liqueur.

To the Nose – The aroma identifies the fruit. The fruity aroma is placed above the character of tequila, which is a surprisingly pleasant scent. The sweetness of agave is perceived. The perceived impact of alcohol is balanced with the aromatic fruit and agave nectar, which can be very pleasant for the consumer, especially for women, as the sweetness and slight acidity is pleasantly appreciated by the nose.

To the Mouth – The flavor of mango is confirmed through olfactory sensations, especially the mild acidity of the fruit in harmony with the sweetness of agave nectar. The character of tequila stands out in-spite of the flavored liqueur. The finish is so nice, and long lasting.

Prehispanic Fusion Margarita            

Ingredients : 60mls Pochteca Mango Liqueur. 30mls 100% agave white tequila (optional) 1 small slice of fresh mango. Chili powder to taste. Ice frappe.

Preparation : Pour all ingredients into blender. Blend and serve in a cocktail glass rimmed with salt and chili powder. Garnish with an orange slice.

Liqueur Analysis

Alcohol: 18% Alc./Vol (36 Proof)
Main ingredient: Tequila Blanco 100% Agave

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