Pochteca Tequila Liqueur Pomegranate 375ml 10% off

To the nose – Aromaticity is slightly acidic and more prone to that of candy. This may be considered correct as the fruit itself has no great aromatic flavour. Faint herbal scent of tequila, sweet aromatic taste overwhelms the cooked agave.

As the fresh fruit gives off a very subtle and delicate aroma, it is difficult to keep the olfactory memory for identification to be incorporated into a liqueur as other aromas converge with the smells, and spectrum of high amplitude.

To the mouth – Considering that in this fresh fruit, there is a combination of acidity and sweetness; the slightest aromatic taste of pomegranate is perceived.
The finish is nice to the mouth, but short; mainly due to the faint taste of aromatic
and flavour of pomegranate.


Liqueur Analysis

Alcohol: 18% Alc./Vol (36 Proof)
Main ingredient: Tequila Blanco 100% Agave

Collections: Tequila Bandits

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