Pochteca Tequila Liqueur Coffee 375ml / 10% off

At sight – The right color for a coffee liqueur, The clarity is very nice adequate body for a coffee liqueur.

To the Nose – Good identification of aromaticity of coffee. The character of tequila and agave nectar is appreciated. The balance of aromas form a bouquet of extremely pleasing aromas; which incites you to try it.

To the mouth – The aromas of coffee, tequila and cooked agave nectar are confirmed, appreciating the mild acidity and bitterness of coffee; so the right balance and the pleasant liqueur of this concept is confirmed. The finish is very nice, pleasant and long.

Liqueur Analysis

Alcohol: 18% Alc./Vol (36 Proof)
Main ingredient: Tequila Blanco 100% Agave

Collections: Tequila Bandits

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